Wedding Planning

"Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth", we are all rightfully believe in celebrating this once-in-a lifetime occasion to our very best.

If you or someone known to you is getting married, you've come to the right place. We take away all your stress, anxiety, fear and make you walk in as a guest at your own wedding. We understand your needs and make a wedding which reflects your style, taste and personality, all within your desired budget.

A wedding day is one of the most special and exciting occasions in one's life, and one strives to make it a memorable event from the start to the finish. We at wedding planners help you to make this special by turning your dreams into a reality. We have a network of professional service providers, to lend a touch of designer elegance to that special event of your life. Whether you want the entire wedding to be planned and arranged or a specific event managed, you will find our services truly affordable and well worth it. We work according to our clients budget and would like our potential clients to know that our services are not an add on cost but we work with the client to help them save their time and money. The wedding planning process can be difficult and overwhelming, with the wide array of information available. Wedding Planners helps to plan a wedding that best represents your style and personality. Most importantly you are able to enjoy the entire process of planning your wedding, as well as your special day itself. Whether you need a little help, or a lot, a theme wedding or a destination wedding – Our professional team will save your time, money and will take away the stress associated with planning your wedding. Indian weddings are elaborate and vibrant and typically consist of many functions. Wedding Planners can assist with absolutely all wedding planning services – wedding venues and locations, decorations and themes, photography, videography, wedding budgets and more.

We make your events from Just Special To Spectacular! Choose us and you automatically forfeit the worry and stress of organizing your events. We assure you of complete satisfaction.

Services provided by us:-
• Planning and budgeting the wedding along with
(A) selection of venue,
Shubh Shadi

(B) caterer,
Shubh Shadi

(C) decorator,
Shubh Shadi

(D) florist,
Shubh Shadi

(E) photographer,
Shubh Shadi

(F) videographer
Shubh Shadi

• Coordinating themes and concepts for

(A) decor,
Shubh Shadi

(B) floral setups,
Shubh Shadi

(C) table layouts for various functions
Shubh Shadi

• Designing, printing and sending of invitations.
• Organizing entertainers like DJs, singers and choreographers.
• Organizing speciality services like that of mehndi wali, bangle wali, bindi wali and supari wala.
Shubh Shadi

• Organizing hotel bookings and car rentals.
Shubh Shadi Shubh Shadi

• Management of all functions
• Honeymoon Destinations & Planning

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