Frequently Asked Questions

Matrimonial Profile

Q. How do I create my profile online ?

Ans. It's really easy. All you have to do is fill in our REGISTRATION FORM as accurately as possible. Registration is a two step process and the more information you provide us in these two pages, the better are your chances of finding the right match. Clicking on the 'Save & Continue' button at the end of the second & third page will create your profile on however, we will need a little time to screen the information given by you and your profile can be viewed by other members of within 24 hours of registration Click Here to register now

Q. Do I have to fill the entire registration form?

Ans. YES. Looking for the perfect life partner is a serious business and the more information you give, the more details can be garnered by other members. This will help a potential match understand you better, know your likes and dislikes thus help you get the right, most compatible response

Q. Are there any specific DO's and DON’T's while creating a matrimonial profile?

Ans. Well, DO be as detailed as possible while creating your profile. DO provide your desired partner preferences which are asked in context with your own information in the first page of registration. DO upload a photograph. The more information you add, the more your chances of finding the perfect life partner.

DO NOT use your matrimonial profile to display your contact details and do not include any content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist.

Q. How do I change / edit my profile?

Ans. To edit your profile, log into with your profile ID & password and now you are in your profile page. Click on the “Edit Profile” Link at the top of the left hand corner. This will invoke a layer with the fields about your profile. After making any changes that you may want, click on the 'Save' button to save your changes. Your profile will be edited and updated and made available to all members within 48 hrs.

Q. Can I change/ Edit my Partner preferences?

Ans. Yes, to change/edit your partner preferences, After log-in to your profile, Click on the “Edit partner preference” link on the right hand side, This will invoke a layer with the fields about your partner preference. After making any changes that you may want, click on the 'Save' button to save your changes. Your profile will be edited and updated and made available to all members within 48 hrs.

Q. Can I change all the information on my profile?

Ans. You can change most of the information on your profile. However, you cannot change your Username, Marital Status, Date of Birth or Gender.

Q. How do I delete my profile?

Ans. We hope that you want to delete your profile because you have found your soul-mate. To delete your profile, log into and then click over the 'Delete Profile' link on the bottom left of the page. This will open a menu, click on the Hide / Delete Profile option.

In the Hide / Delete Profile section, click on the 'Permanently Delete your Profile' and select an appropriate reason for deleting your profile. You will need to provide your password to complete the delete profile process. In case you have found your partner through, we will be happy if you share your success story with us

Q. How do I get my profile back on site after I have deleted it?

Ans. If you have deleted your profile, you will have to create a new one to go back on the site. You will not be able to use the same user ID as that gets occupied under your status and becomes inactive after deletion.

Making Contacts

Q. How do I log in once I have registered with

Ans. Very simple. Go to in the log-in area on the right side of the page, type in your email id / user id and password and click on the 'Login' button. You are immediately logged into the site and taken to the 'My shubhshadi' page which gives you your profile statistics.

Q. How do I contact a member?

Ans. When you like a user's profile and want to contact them, the first step is to 'Express Interest' in them. To do that, you can either click on the 'Express interest' link in the summary profile of a user that is featured in search results or use the 'Express Interest' button in the detailed profile of that user.

An Expression of Interest can be sent by both FREE and PAID members of but only PAID members will be able to send a personalized message to the person they contact giving their contact details. This increases the chances of a response from the person contacted. So it is advisable to upgrade to a PAID MEMBERSHIP. Click Here to find out about our PAID membership plans.

Q. How do I initiate further contact with a member who has accepted me/whom I have accepted?

Ans. You will need to be a Paid member if you want to make further contact with a profile. Paid members also get the option of personalizing a message and will be able to attach a mail along with the initial contact itself.

Q. How do I get the full contact details of the person I contacted?

Ans. To do that, you need to upgrade to a PAID MEMBERSHIP. If you upgrade to a PAID MEMBERSHIP, you can send personalized messages to other members and in case they accept your profile, you will be able to see their contact details. For membership details, pleaseClick Here

Q. What do I do to maximize my search to find my dream match?

Ans. To find your soul mate, follow the given steps: (a) Create an online profile: this is the first and most important step. This profile will determine how others who come to the site will know you. Be honest and spend time filling the open fields regarding yourself, your family and who you are looking for. (b) Upload a good, clear photo: 70% of all searches are for a photo profile, so it is important to have your photo in your profile. (c) Specify the partner profile: This will help us as well as others to have some idea of what you want. Please put only those conditions that are an absolute must and not which are desirable. Things like tall, dark, very fair, only doctor etc. restricts the matches, so avoid them. In case of a problem, write back to us or chat with us while creating a profile. (d) Make enough contacts: Log in and use partner profile matches to search and then make contacts with profiles that you like, this is a first step, so make as many contacts as you can. (e) As a free member, you will only be able to make initial contact (a mail will go from intimating the person contacted that you are interested in his/her profile). But if/when you upgrade to a PAID membership, you can send your own mails to others and when they accept, you will be able to see their contact details and take the conversation to the next level.

Q. What is Match alert?

Ans. Match Alert is a service that sends you profiles that match yours, helping make your dream search a little easier. In Match Alert, we send two types of matches. First, we send those profiles, which match exactly with what you have specified in the Partner Profile, and then we also send matches which are based on your activity on the site. It is advisable to fill in your partner Profile very carefully if you do not want too few, or irrelevant matches to reach you.

Q. I saw a really good profile on Can your Customer support team help me contact this member of

Ans. Although every member of the customer support team at is there to help you, it’s our policy not to give out the contact details of a member of This can only happen if you have expressed interest in a member and that person has accepted your interest and has then given you his/her particular contact details.

Photo: Uploading & Managing

Q. How do I add a photo to my profile and is it important to do so?

Ans. It is important to add your photo, because the most viewed profiles on our site are the ones with a photograph. In fact, putting a photograph, increases the chances of a response by about 10 times than what a normal profile would have got! You can add multiple photos in your profile. Photo(s) can be uploaded either while registration or from your profile section. The steps involved are: (a) Log into (b) Click on the 'Upload photo' link in the My photos section and follow the simple instructions to upload your photograph. You can also email your Photo(s) to

Q. How do I edit my photo profile?

Ans. The steps involved are: (a) Log into (b) Click on the 'change photo” or 'Delete photo' link and follow the simple instructions to change or delete a photograph respectivel

Paid Membership

Q. What types of paid membership are available? There are Six types of paid memberships available on To compare their features and prices, visit our “UPGRADE” page by clicking here

How do I send a demand draft/cheque to

Ans. Our address is:
Shubhshadi dot com
LG-11, Vinayak Central Plaza,
( Behind Big Bazar), Civil Lines,
Allahabad (U.P.)

Cheque/Demand Draft should be on the name of “shubhshadi dot com” Payable at Allahabad.

Q. What payment options are available?

Ans. 1. Cash in nearest shubhshadi Branch. 2. Cheque and Draft: - Cheque Pick up Service Free in Delhi/New Delhi And in Allahabad - Drop cheque in nearest shubhshadi Branch 3. Courier or Post Cheque/DD to us.

Different Types of Search

Q. How can I search for different users on

Ans. You can search for various members on as per your different search criteria. There are 2 types of searches on which will help you find your suitable match.
1.Quick search
2. Advance search

Quick Search
This search helps you quickly search members on the basis of: - Gender
- Age
- Religion
- Community
- Caste
- Marital Status
- Photo
The quick search bar is available on top of every page in
Advanced Search

This is the most comprehensive search available on The advanced search allows you to search on many criteria. The advance search can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Advance Search’ tab available on top of every page in

Q. How can I expand the scope of my search?

Ans. If you do not find sufficient number of responses for your search, we suggest you to expand your search by selecting some intelligently chosen castes and sub-castes.